State Wildlife Grants Identified as a Tool For Bird Conservation

The 2013 State of the Birds: Report on Private Lands was released yesterday by USDA Secretary Vilsack and DOI Secretary Jewell. The report was produced by the North American Bird Conservation Initiative (NABCI).

State Wildlife Grants were identified as a tool for bird conservation on private lands:

  • The Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism uses State Wildlife Grants to provide cost-sharing assistance to private landowners for restoring native grasslands for Lesser Prairie-Chickens (pg 11).
  • Robust programmatic support from private, state, and federal partners—and financial support from the Nebraska Environmental Trust, State Wildlife Grants for Colorado and Nebraska, and the USFWS Neotropical Migratory Bird Conservation Act—are crucial to Mountain Plover nest conservation over the long term (pg 13).
  • In the Private Lands Conservation Programs section (pg 43):
    The State & Tribal Wildlife Grants Program provides federal dollars to every state and territory to prevent wildlife from becoming endangered and to keep common species common. The funds are used to implement each state’s Wildlife Action Plan. A non-federal match requirement assures local ownership, and leverages state and private funds to support conservation.