State & Tribal Wildlife Grants Zeroed out in the House Budget

Today the House of Representatives Interior Appropriations subcommittee marked up its FY2014 bill that will fund the Department of Interior and the Environmental Protection Agency starting next October. Unfortunately the bill does not include any funding for the State & Tribal Wildlife Grants Program for FY14. The North American Wetland Conservation Fund and the Neotropical Migratory Bird Fund were also zeroed out (see attached table). This is another blow to three programs that are proven successes and that play important roles in conserving some of our nation’s most imperiled species and their habitats. The full House appropriations committee is expected to vote on the bill next week. It’s uncertain if action will be taken on the full floor of the House this year. We are hopeful that the US Senate will restore funding but we will need to work with our champions to make that happen. We will be formulating a strategy to respond to these proposed cuts and will let you know how you can help. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for your attention.

SWG 2014 Grants Program Table.pdf187.91 KB