National Sign On Letter Update 9/17/13

Hello Valued Conservation Partner:

841 organizations, representing millions of conservationists and outdoor recreationists have signed on to a letter supporting funding for the following fish and wildlife conservation grant programs:

• State & Tribal Wildlife Grants Program
• North American Wetlands Conservation Fund
• Neotropical Migratory Bird Conservation Fund
• Forest Legacy Program
• Land and Water Conservation Fund

In July, the House Interior, Environment and Related Agencies Subcommittee eliminated funding for these popular and successful programs for next fiscal year which will start October 1st.

These programs have conserved some of our nation’s rarest and most cherished fish and wildlife, restored vital wetlands and protected priority forests, grasslands, coasts and other important habitats. Complete elimination of funding for these popular programs would be unprecedented!

We need to demonstrate to appropriators in the US House and US Senate that there is strong support for fish and wildlife conservation and request that they include funding for these programs.

A copy of the letter and list of organizations who have signed on is attached.

Letter to Congress Supporting Grant Programs SEPT2013-Final.pdf300.87 KB
ACTION ALERT Text for defunding letter.pdf315.86 KB
Letter to Congress Supporting Grant Programs.pdf155.62 KB