National Sign-on Letter

On January 17th, the President signed the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2014 which funds the federal government through September 2014. The Omnibus includes $58.695M for State and Tribal Wildlife Grants including $5.4870M for state competitive grants.

Overall funding for the State & Tribal Wildlife Grants Program increased slightly (+1% over last year’s level), reversing a three-year decline by adding an additional $580K for FY14. Funding for tribal grants increased by $161K and state competitive grants increased by $381K. Required match remains at 75:25 for planning and 65:35 for implementation grants.

The bill includes language that will allow the four regional fish and wildlife associations to apply for competitive State Wildlife Grant funding this fiscal year. The USFWS will be reissuing the request for application for competitive grants in the coming weeks to reflect this change.

Although the slight increase in State & Tribal Wildlife Grants is good news, overall funding for the program is still nearly 35% below FY10 funding levels meaning lots of priority work to prevent endangered species listings will not occur.

We are grateful to all of you who supported the State & Tribal Wildlife Grants Program this year, especially those of you who added your organization’s name to the national sign-on letter. The letter included the names of nearly 850 organizations, councils and coalitions that represented over 1600 individual organizations. This letter helped prevent further cuts to the program.

As we look toward the next budget cycle that is just beginning, with your help we are confident that we will continue to keep the State & Tribal Wildlife Grants Program strong.

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