FY15 Senate State and Tribal Wildlife Grants Dear Colleague Letter

Senators Cardin and Crapo invite you to join them in sending the attached letter to Chairman Reed and Ranking Member Murkowski, urging the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Interior, Environment, and Related agencies to provide the most robust investment possible for the State and Tribal Wildlife Grants Program, the nation’s CORE program for preventing fish and wildlife from becoming endangered. Last year 33 members signed on to this letter.

The State and Tribal Wildlife Grants program has successfully prevented new endangered species listings which saves money and reduces regulatory uncertainty for business. The program is used to support data collection that is important to ensure endangered species listings are science-based and provides states with resources to put voluntary on-the-ground conservation measures in place.

The program is critical to the implementation and revision of State Wildlife Action Plans that were developed collaboratively by leading scientists, wildlife enthusiasts, conservationists and private landowners to conserve more than 12,000 species known to be at-risk. The program has the support of the 6,400 organizations that make up the “Teaming With Wildlife” coalition and directly impacts the 90 million individuals who participate in wildlife-related recreation and spend $145 billion annually.

The deadline for co-signers is COB – April 7, 2014.

Staff Contacts:
Senator Cardin’s Office—Josh Klein (8-6464) or josh_klein@cardin.senate.gov
Senator Crapo’s Office—Peter Stegner (4-6142) or Peter_Stegner@crapo.senate.gov

*Senate FY15 Dear Colleague Letter

*Senate Call-Email Script

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