Our champions in the House of Representatives Cong. Young (R-AK), Thompson D-CA), Grimm (R-NY) and Kind (D-WI) have released a Dear Colleague Letter supporting $58.695 M for State & Tribal Wildlife Grants in FY15. We need your help to encourage your members in the House to sign on to this letter. The Dear Colleague Letter is especially important this year since the President has proposed a 15% cut to the program.

Help make this letter a success by calling and emailing your congressional office TODAY and ask them to sign on to the letter before the deadline of March 26th. Below is a customizable script and the Dear Colleague letter. You can use it “as is” or even better include specifics about how the program is working in your state. Please let us know if an office says they will sign-on or if they say they will not. Thanks for your continued support!


Subject: Dear Colleague Letter Supporting State & Tribal Wildlife Grants-Please Sign on by March 26th

Dear _____:

Below is a copy of a Dear Colleague Letter being circulated by Cong. Young (AK), Thompson (CA), Grimm (NY) and Kind (WI) to support level funding ($58.7 M) for the State & Tribal Wildlife Grants Program in FY15. This program is the nation’s CORE program for preventing federal endangered species listings. Last year 115 bipartisan members in the House signed on to this letter. This program has been successful at preventing endangered species listings by supporting monitoring and on-the-ground conservation actions at the local level. Without this program, more species will be added to the federal endangered species list requiring expensive interventions and resulting in increased uncertainty for businesses. The program is used by state fish and wildlife agencies and their partners to implement and revise State Wildlife Action Plans that direct conservation at more than 12,000 species of fish and wildlife known to be at-risk. The deadline for signing on is March 26th. Your support would be greatly appreciated.

Please see attached letter:
FY15 State Wildlife Grants Dear Colleague Letter

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