Wind River Ranch Foundation

New Mexico

Wind River Ranch Foundation began in 2005 when philanthropist Eugene Thaw decided his ranch in Watrous, NM should not just be a weekend retreat but should serve a greater societal cause. Eugene Thaw contacted ecologist Dr. Brian Miller to form and lead the mission of furthering conservation of wild landscapes in northern New Mexico through ecological restoration of private lands, research and education.

Dr. Brian Miller quickly formed a partnership with the Jicarilla Apache tribe to return bison to traditional native lands at Wind River Ranch. Over the last five years the Foundation expanded staffing from Brian and a ranch hand to a staff including Brian as leading scientist, Teresa as director, Boli and Norma as facilities caretakers, and Abigail as outdoor educator. An increased staff has allowed Wind River Ranch’s bison, restoration and education programs to develop and flourish, and has made Wind River Ranch a center for research and community outreach.

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